Sentence Examples

  • These legends should perhaps be interpreted as pointing to a black snake ailed muss being those most dreaded.
  • Muss-Arnolt, Amer.
  • His doctor, who knew them to be indigestible, objected, and thereupon Ferdinand, in an imperial rage, made the answer: "Kaiser bin i', and Kniidel muss i' haben" (I am emperor, and will have the dumpling) - which has become a Viennese proverb.
  • Nor can the attempt of the American scholar Muss-Arnolt to explain them as cognate with the Babylonian Tablets of Destiny be pronounced successful.
  • Muss-Arnolt, The Urim and Thummim (reprinted from the American Journal of Semitic Languages, July 1900).

What's another word for muss?

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