Sentence Examples

  • His whole life was in shambles because of her.
  • The Greyfriars, Minorites or Franciscans, first settled in Cornhill, and in 1224 John Ewin made over to them an estate situated in the ward of Farringdon Within and in the parish of St Nicholas in the Shambles, where their friary was built.
  • Wave action is seen in the numerous caverns, and south-east of Portland Bill, the southern extremity of the isle, is a bank called the Shambles, between which and the land there flows a dangerous current called the Race of Portland.
  • Here the barns, granaries, stables, shambles, workshops and workmen's lodgings were placed, without any regard to symmetry, convenience being the only consideration.
  • There are now public shambles for the sale of their flesh in all parts of Peru, which was not the case when the Spaniards came first; for when one Indian had killed a sheep his neighbours came and took what they wanted, and then another Indian killed a sheep in his turn."