Sentence Examples

  • Victory would revive the power of the crown; defeat would be the undoing of the Revolution.
  • The queen set about to obtain a divorce, and used her influence for the return of Albany as a means of undoing her husband's power.
  • In the latter part of his career his main object was to raise the prestige of Russia by undoing the results of the Crimean War, and it may fairly be said that he in great measure succeeded.
  • The rise and progress of the neighbouring borough of Penzance in the 17th century was the undoing of Marazion.
  • Beyerinck has shown that Spirillum desulphuricans, a definite anaerobic form, attacks and reduces sulphates, thus undoing the work of the sulphur bacteria as certain de-nitrifying bacteria reverse the operations of nitro-bacteria.