Sentence Examples

  • This omission is sometimes believed to be an error.
  • His regard for the young nobleman' last named dictated the omission in the later editions of his Moral Sentiments of the name of the celebrated ancestor of the duke, whom he had associated with Mandeville as author of one of the "licentious systems" reviewed in the seventh part of that work.
  • 22, show that there is no conscious omission by the Deuteronomic speaker of part of the original Decalogue, which cannot therefore have included the reason annexed in Exodus.
  • 4, 136, "whose love was [as] a bond to all our loves": a similar omission in Witch of Atlas, 599 599
  • It can still be pretty clearly shown in detail that these four codices deviated from one another in points of orthography, in the insertion or omission of a wa (" and ") and such-like minutiae; but these variations nowhere affect the sense.