Sentence Examples

  • Teacher is well and sends her kind remembrance to you.
  • His chief claim to remembrance is that it was he who first put Schiller's earlier dramas on the stage, and it is to him that the poet's Briefe an den Freiherrn von Dalberg (Karlsruhe, 1819) are addressed.
  • I send my kind remembrance to your father and mother, and to your teacher.
  • Remembrance of these characteristics - remembrance, too, that his mind, which was neither English nor European, worked in absolute detachment - should accompany the traveller through all the turns and incidents of Disraeli's long career.
  • The student of his life understands that Disraeli's claim to remembrance rests not only on the breadth of his views, his deep insight, his long foresight, but even more on the courage which allowed him to declare opinions supplied from those qualities when there was no visible likelihood of their justification by experience, and therefore when their natural fate was to be slighted.