Sentence Examples

  • Wall, straight and rigid, towering above all surrounding hills, from the mass of mountains which overlook Kabul on the south-east to the frontiers of India, and preserving a strike which - being more or less perpendicular to the border line - is in strange contrast to the usual conformation of frontier ridge and valley.
  • The town is still surrounded by the masonry walls of black basalt which give it the name of Kara or Black Amid; they are well built and imposing on the west facing the open country, but almost in ruins where they overlook the river.
  • But in 1639-1640 civil discords in England stood in the way of a strong foreign policy, and the adroit Aarssens was able so " to sweeten the bitterness of the pill " as to bring King Charles not merely to " overlook the scandal of the Downs," but to consent to the marriage of the princess had a quasi-independence of its own.
  • Ramsay, as we have seen, and though David was obliged to overlook the crime, the Knight of Liddesdale henceforth was not to be trusted as loyal against England.
  • Hence to weave the data into a single historical outline or into an orderly evolution of thought is to overlook the probability of bona J.

What's another word for overlook?

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