Sentence Examples

  • He pushed the door further but hesitated entering, as if remaining outside would absolve him of responsibility from what lay beyond.
  • From Peter's point of view the question was, did the enormity of the tsarevich's crime absolve the tsar from the oath which he had taken to spare the life of this prodigal son?
  • Reports, 625) decided unanimously that nothing could absolve the state from its obligation.
  • He procured from the pope a bull authorizing his confessor to absolve him even at the moment of death.
  • In penance, of the formula " I absolve thee "; in the Eucharist, of the words " This is my body " and " This is the cup of my blood " or " This is my blood "; in confirmation, of the words " I sign thee with sign of the cross and confirm thee with chrism of salvation in name of Father and Son and Holy Spirit "; in baptism, of the words " I baptize thee in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (or among the Greeks " N.

What's another word for absolve?

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