Sentence Examples

  • After the stabbing, she should realize that living in the country didn't exempt them from crime.
  • Any parent or infant children of deceased parents may set apart personal estate not exceeding $200 in value which shall be exempt from execution.
  • The practical autonomy which the Gheg mountaineers enjoy has been won by a prolonged and successful resistance to Turkish domination; as a rule they pay no taxes, they are exempt from the conscription, they know nothing of the Ottoman law, and the few Turkish officials established amongst them possess no real authority.
  • (5) The Malsia Jakovs, a group of two Catholic and three Moslem tribes, extend in the direction of Jakova, where they maintain an official representative; they are entirely exempt from taxation.
  • The Cinque Ports from the earliest times claimed to be exempt from the jurisdiction of the admiral of England.

What's another word for exempt?

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