Sentence Examples

  • The opposition of the United States was due very largely to the fear that Great Britain would acquire a privileged position in regard to the proposed interoceanic canal.
  • There were very wide distinctions within the French noblesse, but they all formed one privileged class as distinguished from the rolurier.
  • Since the establishment of the privileged province they have lost the Ottoman support which used to compensate for their numerical inferiority as compared with the Christians; and they are fast losing also their old habits and distinctiveness.
  • The events of 1860 led to the formation of the privileged Lebanon province, finally constituted in 1864.
  • But meeting his old enemy Beauregard in one of the minister's rooms and making an offensive remark, he was waylaid by Beauregard some time after in a less privileged place and soundly beaten.

What's another word for privileged?

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