Sentence Examples

  • This resulted in 1901 in the complete elimination of the Socialists from the diet.
  • In medicine it is frequently employed as a hydragogue purgative, specially valuable in febrile diseases, in congestion of the portal system, and in the obstinate constipation of painters' colic. In the last case it is combined with potassium iodide, the two salts being exceedingly effective in causing the elimination of lead from the system.
  • For the exact determination of the last element the census affords no precise data, but affords material for various approximations, based either upon the elimination of the probable progeny of immigrants since 1790; on the known increase of the whites of the South, where the foreign element has always been relatively insignificant; on the percentage of natives having native grandfathers in Massachusetts in 1905; or upon the assumed continuance through the 19th century of the rate of native growth (one-third decennially) known to have prevailed down at least to 1820.
  • The renewed agitation finally resulted in the elimination of all religious tests by the act of 1849, which also changed the name to that of the university of Toronto.
  • Any silicate present is also converted into bicarbonate with elimination of silica, which must be filtered off.

What's another word for elimination?

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