Sentence Examples

  • Any denial would be immediately detected as a lie, anyway.
  • We're still working with Hannah.  She's in denial about everything.  I almost pity the girl.
  • Determinism had other forms besides that of a crude materialism, and the direction that Malebranche succeeded in giving to speculation led only to the more complete denial of freedom and individuality in the all-devouring pantheism of Spinoza.
  • Here again the Categories forms a kind of transition from Platonism to the Metaphysics which is the reverse: to call universals secondary substances " is half way between Plato's calling them the only substances and Aristotle's denial in the Metaphysics that they are substances at all.
  • Xander understood that some part of Jessi was stuck in hard core denial, the kind that needed irrefutable proof that she had no other alternatives.

What's another word for denial?

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