Sentence Examples

  • He admitted ignorance, scientifically speaking, but was now committed to finding answers.
  • If you stop and think about it, ignorance is in your best interests.
  • I laugh at her ignorance.
  • Heads were shook at his ignorance, followed by a slew of reminiscences of priceless bargains discovered in obscure places.
  • The Ghegs especially, notwithstanding their fierce and lawless character, their superstition, ignorance and predatory propensities, possess some noteworthy qualities rarely found in eastern Europe: simple, brave, faithful, and sometimes capable of devoted attachment, these wild mountaineers make excellent soldiers and trustworthy retainers; they have long furnished a bodyguard to the sultan and, like the Tosks, are much employed as kavasses and attendants at foreign embassies and consulates in the East.

What's another word for ignorance?

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