Sentence Examples

  • She slid into unconsciousness after a few minutes, and her body went limp.
  • His head slammed against something hard and he lay there, momentarily stunned to the brink of unconsciousness before turning slowly to his side and opening his eyes.
  • The world, as he thought, on its physical side, always was a living body; and on its psychical side God always was its conscious spirit; and, so far from life arising from the lifeless, and consciousness from unconsciousness, the life and consciousness of the whole world are the origin of the lifeless and the unconscious in parts of it, by a kind of secondary automatism, while we ourselves are developed from our own mother-earth by differentiation.
  • Before death occurs the pulse and respiration become exceedingly rapid and weak, and complete unconsciousness sets in.
  • At this stage collapse may set in, the patient become faint, the limbs twitch, the radical pulse become imperceptible, and unconsciousness supervene.

What's another word for unconsciousness?

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