Sentence Examples

  • The name, as Huxley said, "took"; it was constantly used by Hutton in the Spectator and became a fashionable label for contemporary unbelief in Christian dogma.
  • It should be observed that examples have been given of every kind of mighty work referred to in the reply of Jesus to the messengers of the Baptist; and that in the discourse which follows their departure the perversity and unbelief of the people generally are condemned, and the faith of the humble-minded is contrasted therewith.
  • - xi., to show how this unbelief of Israel is to be reconciled with the justice and the promises of God.
  • Finally, Paul tries to see this fact of Israel's unbelief in the light of a wide religious philosophy of history; it (xi.
  • On the speculative side, Ramanuja also met Sankara's strictly monistic theory by another recognizing Vishnu as identical with Brahma as the Supreme Spirit animating the material world as well as the individual souls which have become estranged from God through unbelief, and can only attain again conscious union with him through devotion or love (bhakti).

What's another word for unbelief?

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