Sentence Examples

  • In the tenth book of the Republic we find the curious argument that the soul does not perish like the body, because its characteristic evil, sin or wickedness does not kill it as the diseases of the body wear out the bodily life.
  • Much is related of his wickedness and enmity to the followers of Yahweh, but few political details have come down.
  • Ii (am/flawÆs): wickedness is timorous under the condefnnation of conscience (the same thought in Prov.
  • 4); (2) a series of five woes pronounced on wickedness (ii.
  • Is it likely that a prophet would begin a complaint against Chaldaean tyranny (admittedly central in the prophecy) by complaining of that wickedness of his fellow-countrymen which seems partly to justify it ?

What's another word for wickedness?

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