Sentence Examples

  • Her comment on this delusion is instructive.
  • For in Ford's genius there was real refinement, except when the "suprasensually sensual" impulse or the humbler self-delusion referred to came into play.
  • The chief features of this epoch -the Antinomian dissensions, the Quaker and Baptist persecutions, the witchcraft delusion (four witches were executed in Boston, in 1648, 165r, 1656, 1688) &c.-are referred to in the article Massachusetts.
  • The delusion that nature as represented in the classical pictures (bunjingwa) of China and Japan exists only in the artists imagination.
  • 821) made an energetic protest against the delusion that to go to Rome availed more than to live an upright life (Carm.

What's another word for delusion?

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