Sentence Examples

  • Now you come to me with this ... fairy tale fantasy about a magic room.
  • While sleep was only partially suspended and Dean's fantasy returned, morning brought the news that the noise had been real—Pumpkin Green had left in the night, bumping his shopping cart down the stairs to a clandestine exit.
  • Examining history is not like gazing into some fantasy crystal ball, where what we see is prophetic in detail.
  • Lost in the food fantasy, she didn't see Gabriel disappear into the jungle.  Katie blinked and looked around, still uneasy with the snakelike branches that moved of their own volition overhead.  She didn't know what kind of creatures followed or what other critters would live in the Immortal jungle, but she wanted nothing to do with such a weird place.
  • I didn't plan any of it, but all of a sudden, there you are, every dream you ever imagined staring you smack in the face—unbelievable options—every kid's fantasy come true.