Sentence Examples

  • Whether your child is in his early toddler years or is ready to hop on the school bus, the following kid geography games will help him learn the continents, bodies of water, and the topography of our fantastical planet.
  • Without a strong foundation of combined scientific and horological engineering, the accurate clock radios the world depends upon today might still reside in the fantastical realm of science fiction.
  • While Drop Dead Diva is not featured as a musical dramedy such as Glee, the series uses music to strongly underscore the fantastical elements of many of its story lines.
  • They both offer fantastical elements, but the "magic" of science fiction is based on science and facts which places it in the realm of the possible.
  • Betsey Johnson, thanks in large part to her creative and fantastical fashion runway collections, is something of a legend in the fashion industry.