Sentence Examples

  • It was something grotesque, but definitely not a skeleton.
  • The work is highly imaginative and often grotesque, but it is pervaded by an unusually high ethical enthusiasm.
  • Lovely incrustations alternate with queer and grotesque figures.
  • ANGLER, also sometimes called fishing-frog, frog-fish, seadevil (Lophius piscatorius), a fish well known off the coasts of Great Britain and Europe generally, the grotesque shape of its body and its singular habits having attracted the attention of naturalists of all ages.
  • For in no other country had hostility to religion attained such a pitch or assumed such grotesque forms; and consequently in no other country did the yearning for religion manifest itself so unequivocally, when bitter experience had demonstrated the necessity of a return to law and order.

What's another word for grotesque?

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