Sentence Examples

  • The swift change of expression might have been comical had she not been the cause.
  • Pepys was delighted with the playing of "pretty, witty Nell," but when he saw her as Florimel in Dryden's Secret Love, or the Maiden Queen, he wrote "so great a performance of a comical part was never, I believe, in the world before" and, "so done by Nell her merry part as cannot be better done in nature" (Diary, March 25, 1667).
  • There sat the thorny Sorcerer in his chair of state, and when the Wizard saw him he began to laugh, uttering comical little chuckles.
  • The Wizard continued this surprising performance until nine tiny piglets were running about at his feet, all squealing and grunting in a very comical way.
  • In this comical position the two horses circled slowly around each other for a while, each being unable to realize what the singular thing might be which it now beheld for the first time.

What's another word for comical?

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