Sentence Examples

  • The noble houses of Gonzaga at Mantua, at Carrara at Padua, of Este at Ferrara, of Malatesta at Rimini, of Visconti at Milan, vied with Azzo di Correggio in entertaining the illustrious man of letters.
  • A~u\~iirith new views on every subject relating to the exercise of power, he shrank even from entertaining the Rur~ slightest question relating to the distribution of power.
  • His progresses through the country with a train of a thousand knights were ruinous to those on whom devolved the burden of entertaining him.
  • On Talleyrand now fell the disagreeable task of entertaining at his new mansion at Valencay, in Touraine, the Spanish princes virtually kidnapped at Bayonne by the emperor.

What's another word for entertaining?

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