Sentence Examples

  • Now, instead of just intellectually engaging with the news, we feel the government brutality, we experience the war, we are electrified by the demonstrations, and we are horrified at the suffering.
  • It is of the most engaging tameness, being fortunately protected by popular sentiment from injury.
  • He settled into a fighting stance, unusually satisfied at the prospect of engaging her at any level.
  • Richard did hun homage or Leinster, engaging to hold it as a palatine earldom, and not .o claim the name or rights of a king.
  • A secret convention was signed between Russia and Rumania on the 16th of April, by which Rumania allowed free passage to the Russian armies, the tsar engaging in return to maintain its political rights and to protect its integrity, while all matters of detail connected with the passage of the Russian troops were to be regulated by a special treaty.

What's another word for engaging?

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