Sentence Examples

  • Probably nothing like what was on her imaginative mind.
  • A " circular system " was advocated by the eminent botanist Fries, and the views of Macleay met with the partial approbation of the celebrated entomologist Kirby, while at least as much may be said of the imaginative Oken, whose mysticism far surpassed that of the Quinarians.
  • Peter, by his first marriage, had a son, the unhappy cesarevich Alexius (q.v.), who figures more largely in imaginative literature than in history - a narrow-minded, obstinate, pious youth, who had no sympathy with his father's violent innovations, and was completely under the influence of the old Muscovite reactionary faction.
  • Classification for the first time was something more than the expression of a fancy, not that it had not also its imaginative side.
  • Certainly no poet would venture to despise Wagner's imaginative conception of Kundry.

What's another word for imaginative?

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