Sentence Examples

  • Education produced many unforeseen and undesirable practical results.
  • It was then employed to describe a "peasant," and gradually began to denote undesirable qualities.
  • Here he had to deal with the dangers arising from the increasing hordes of undesirable aliens who poured into the East End of London.
  • If the worship of Siva, despite the purport of his chief symbol, seems on the whole less liable to produce these undesirable effects than that of the rival deity, it is doubt- less due partly to the real nature of that emblem being little realized by the common people, and partly to the somewhat repellent character of the "great god," more favourable to evoking feelings of awe and terror than a spirit of fervid devotion.
  • But the evidence was practically unanimous that the Indian was undesirable in Natal other than as a labourer and the commission recommended compulsory repatriation.

What's another word for undesirable?

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