Sentence Examples

  • One cannot but pay a passing tribute of admiration to the men who, with such troublesome tools, achieved such results.
  • Here and there small insurrections took place, in themselves easily suppressed, but showing the Romans that they had a turbulent and troublesome people to deal with.
  • We may now follow out the more troublesome conflict, or rather series of conflicts, in which Hobbes became entangled from the time of publishing his De corpore in 1655, and which checkered all his remaining years.
  • Papyrifera of many botanists), the discrepancies in geography, ethnology and zoology, which have been so troublesome in the past, will disappear; other features, usually considered obscure, will become luminous; and the older and less distorted sagas, at least in their main incidents, will become vivid records of actual geographic exploration."
  • Troublesome insects, vampire bats, and the failure to introduce new blood into the degenerated herds, are responsible for its decline.

What's another word for troublesome?

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