Sentence Examples

  • In 1909 indeed there were some disquieting symptoms. Owing to Diaz's age the vice-presidency had been revived in 1904, and Don Ramon Corral elected to it; but at the elections of 1909 a movement arose in favour of replacing him by General Bernardo Reyes, Governor of Nuevo Leon, but he was disposed of by an official commission to study the military systems of Europe.
  • In a few months there were disquieting signs of the growing unpopularity of the king.
  • This lady was a fanatical pagan of a disquieting strength of character.
  • As crown prince he had exhibited considerable ability, but also a disquieting restlessness and violence.
  • Puzzled powers were, in fact, the more inclined to be suspicious in view of other, and seemingly inconsistent, tendencies of the emperor, which yet seemed all to point to a like disquieting conclusion.