Sentence Examples

  • Kant contrasts apodictical with problematic and assertorical judgments.
  • It is equally opposed to the doctrine which represents the subject itself and its state and judgments as the single immediate datum of consciousness, and all else, whether the objects of an external world or person other than the individual subject whose states are known to itself, as having a merely problematic existence resting upon analogy or other process of indirect inference.
  • The relationship with Aepyornis of Madagascar is still problematic. Whilst the moas seem to have been entirely herbivorous, feeding not unlikely upon the shoots of ferns, the kiwis have become highly specialized wormeaters.
  • Hence his really valuable arguments from Nature to God sink to the problematic form - there may be Nature; if so, there is God.
  • In other words, a categorical universal is often problematic, but a problematic is not the same as a hypothetical judgment.

What's another word for problematic?

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