Sentence Examples

  • William sustained another defeat, but the battle was one of the most fiercely contested of the whole war.
  • The county of Edinburgh, or Midlothian, which he contested against the dominant influence of astonishing exertions.
  • Of military antiquities the most remarkable are Tyrone's ditches, near Poyntzpass; and the pass of Moyry, the entry into the county from the south, which was fiercely contested by the Irish in 1595 and 1600, is defended by a castle.
  • He contested Colchester in 1788, when both candidates received the same number of votes, but Tierney was declared elected.
  • Of his fortune (estimated at $5,000,000) approximately $4,000,000 was bequeathed for the establishment and maintenance of "a free public library and reading-room in the City of New York"; but, as the will was successfully contested by relatives, only about $2,000,000 of the bequest was applied to its original purpose; in 1895 the Tilden Trust was combined with the Astor and Lenox libraries to form the New York Public Library.

What's another word for contested?

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