Sentence Examples

  • "It's all a moot point now," Martha said.
  • It is a moot point whether S.
  • It is a moot question whether this statute took away the appeal to the Upper Houses of the various convocations in causes wherein the king was concerned (see Gorham v.
  • It may confidently be asserted that, of insects which directly or indirectly affect the welfare of man, Diptera form the vast majority, and it is a moot point whether the good effected by many species in the rapid clearing away of animal and vegetable impurities, and in keeping other insect enemies in check, counterbalances the evil and annoyance wrought by a large section of the Order.
  • The town-hall was built at the close of the, 8th century on the site of one erected in 1656, which succeeded the old moot-hall dating from Saxon times.

What's another word for moot?

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