Sentence Examples

  • It moves straightforward upon a well-defined path.
  • This straightforward process is called "compound" practice.
  • This alone should acquit him of any base motive; his conduct was "throughout open and straightforward" (Stubbs).
  • From the sublimity of Thucydides, and Xenophon's straightforward story, history passed with Theopompus and Ephorus into the field of rhetoric. A revival of the scientific instinct of investigation is discernable in Timaeus the Sicilian, at the end of the 4th century, but his attack upon his predecessors was the text of a more crushing attack upon himself by Polybius, who declares him lacking in critical insight and biased by passion.
  • It is a plain, straightforward description of the globe, and of the various phenomena of the surface, dealing only with definitely ascertained facts in the natural order of their relationships, but avoiding any systematic classification or even definitions of terms.

What's another word for straightforward?

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