Sentence Examples

  • Frankfort (said to have been named after Stephen Frank, one of an early pioneer party ambushed here by Indians) was founded in 1786 by General James Wilkinson, then deeply interested in trade with the Spanish at New Orleans, and in the midst of his Spanish intrigues.
  • The new tsar, Alexander III., was an apt pupil of his tutor Pobedonostsev (q.v.), the celebrated procurator of the Holy Synod, for whom the representative system was a modern lie," and his reign covered a period of frank reaction, during which there was not only no question of affected even the stolid and apparently immovable masses of the peasantry.
  • Christopher C. Stephenson, Rep., 1887-1889.1 Frank Bell, Rep., 1890.
  • Debs, president of the American Railwa y Union, sent one Frank W.
  • Frank Brinkley >>

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