Sentence Examples

  • The company is very communicative and open to suggestions, so if you want them to start making a particular style of underwear in your size, feel free to let them know and be assured they will consider it.
  • Not only can avoiding smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol improve your sexual performance, but seniors are also still at risk for STDs and HIV, and you should be communicative and take precautions.
  • The only other concerns reported with Botox are social; there are some people who find they dislike having a face that is less communicative, as others may view them as unemotional.
  • This is such a communicative sight that Gemini will literally talk to anyone, be it the bus driver, the mail person or the delivery person; it makes no difference to this sign.
  • Barrett, S., et al. "Children on the borderlands of autism: differential characteristics in social, imaginative, communicative, and repetitive behavior domains."