Sentence Examples

  • It is chiefly in the " flying " flocks and not in the breeding flocks that the disease is rife, and it is so easily communicable that a drove of scab-infested sheep passing along a road may leave behind them traces sufficient to set up the disorder in a drove of healthy sheep that may follow.
  • A Kr16µa, which is at the same time oµooucnov TC) Oe43, was no contradiction to him, simply because he held the immutability, the pure knowledge and the blessedness which constituted the divine nature to be communicable attributes.
  • - (a) On the ground that animals are affected by diseases which are communicable, and are actually communicated, to man by the ingestion of their flesh, e.g.
  • Probably it was thought that a portion of the sacred essence of the god, or of a sacred person, was directly communicable to objects which they touched.
  • They are addressed to a people whose mental processes and philosophy were primitive; and since teaching, in order to be communicable, must adapt itself to current beliefs of God, man and nature - and the inveterate conservatism of man must be born in mind - the trend of ideas must not be confused with the average standard of thought. ?

What's another word for communicable?

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