Sentence Examples

  • The system of municipal and communal government remains practically unchanged.
  • Property is communal and theft is only recognized as to things of absolute necessity, such as arrows, pigs' flesh and fire.
  • The Italian local authorities, communes and provinces alike, have considerably increased their indebtedness since 1882, The ratio of communal and provincial debt per inhabitant has grown from 30.79 lire (~1, 4s.
  • "To be a soldier, just a soldier!" thought Pierre as he fell asleep, "to enter communal life completely, to be imbued by what makes them what they are.
  • Communal independence had probably been acquired as early as the end of the 10th century, but the first of the popes to reside in Orvieto and to recognize its communal administration was Hadrian IV.

What's another word for communal?

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