Sentence Examples

  • The difference between English and Roman miles would be compensated for by the more devious course taken by the railway.
  • The original road, too, adopted in imperial times a more devious but easier route by Aeclanum instead of by Trevicum.
  • Through all these changes Ravenna maintained its character as an impregnable "city in the sea," not easily to be attacked even by a naval power on account of the shallowness and devious nature of the channels by which it had to be approached.
  • At several points the crest of the range has been deeply eroded by old glaciers and running waters, and thus have been formed a number of devious passes.
  • The Thames follows a devious course through London, and the fine embankments on its north side, nowhere continuing uninterruptedly for more than 2 m., do not form important thoroughfares, with the exception of the Victoria Embankment.

What's another word for devious?

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