Sentence Examples

  • That the choice therefore rested with the supporters of the minor candidates was manifest, and with the cry "Anything to beat Grant!"
  • Others, while recognizing the supreme authority of the papal magisterium in matters of doctrine, confine the infallibility to those cases alone in which the pope chooses to make use of it, and declares positively that he is imposing on all the faithful the obligation of belief in a certain definite proposition, under pain of heresy and exclusion from the Church; they do not insist on any special form, but only require that the pope should clearly manifest his will to the Church.
  • But just as the agreeable jester rose into the earnest satirist, one of the most striking peculiarities of his style became a more manifest defect.
  • By means of this series of conciliar courts the unity of the Church is secured and made manifest; the combined, simultaneous effort of the whole is made possible; and disputes, instead of being fought out where they arise, are carried for settle ment to a larger and higher judicatory, free from local feeling and prejudice.
  • Arranged as to manifest and realize the visible unity of the whole Church.

What's another word for manifest?

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