Sentence Examples

  • Honey-dew, a sweet sticky substance is also secreted by some members of the family.
  • The remains then change to buff colour, afterwards turning brown, when decomposition sets in, and as the bacilli present in the dead larvae increase and the nutrient matter is consumed, the mass in some cases becomes sticky and ropy in character, making its removal impossible by the bees.
  • Lehm; the ultimate origin is the root lai-, meaning "to be sticky," which is seen in the cognate "lime," Lat.
  • 8) which facilitate adhesion to some part of the insect's body, and a relatively small stigma with a sticky surface.
  • Disk ploughs are unsuitable for heavy sticky soils and for stony land, but may be used with effect on stubbles and on land in a dry hard state.

What's another word for sticky?

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