Sentence Examples

  • Gabriel handed her the food and water gummy cubes she'd first had in Hell.
  • Naphtha is preferable for oil seeds, as it extracts neither resins nor gummy matters from the oil seeds, and takes up less colouring matter than carbon bisulphide.
  • It forms an amorphous gummy mass, which is decomposed by heat.
  • If allowed to remain under water too long, the fibre is weakened by what is termed " over-retting," a condition which increases the amount of codilla in the scutching process; whilst " under-retting " leaves part of the gummy or resinous matter in the material, which hinders the subsequent process of manufacture.
  • These comprise gummy and albuminous matters, acid, salts, glycerin and other matters of which we have so far little knowledge.

What's another word for gummy?

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