Sentence Examples

  • The parts of the surface which are not to be blasted are covered by adhesive paper.
  • In others this surface is with thick, glandular, adhesive papillae.
  • It bears adhesive organs that are either suckers or hooks, and may develop into the most varied outgrowths in order to give increased firmness of attachment to its host.
  • Other genera are Aglauropsis, Gossea and Gonionemus; the last named bears adhesive suckers on the tentacles.
  • Rather smaller than a squirrel, with dusky brown fur, the tarsier has immense eyes, large ears, a long thin tail, tufted at the end, a greatly elongated tarsal portion of the foot, and disk-like adhesive surfaces on the fingers, which doubtless assist the animal in maintaining its position on the boughs.

What's another word for adhesive?

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