Sentence Examples

  • Give the smelly object some time to become really aromatic and then make a point of calling the victim of the prank or having someone else call them and watch them squirm while they try to locate the source of the odor.
  • If you're painting a wall, open any windows in the room, leave the door open, and turn on a fan or two to help draw fresh air into the room and smelly air out.
  • Carrying your trash this way means you don't have to ride with a smelly garbage sack, but it does also make your bag vulnerable to the local wildlife.
  • Wool becomes heavy when wet, and also can be a bit smelly, so if you live in a rainy climate, keep this in mind when shopping for a boys toggle coat.
  • If you're tired of dealing with clumping litter, dumping bags full of waste or dealing with smelly litter boxes, this might be the perfect solution.