Sentence Examples

  • The right materials are not only comfortable against your skin, but they also provide a flattering silhouette no matter where you go this summer, whether it's to the office, on a weekend getaway or on a steamy date.
  • From there, the plot intensifies to include kidnapping; the murder of a priest; steamy sex; and a host of other twists, turns, conflicts and intrigue that will keep you glued to your seat.
  • Brad Pitt - Brad Pitt has bared his backside in a number of films, from his attention-getting role in Thelma and Louise in 1996 to some steamy scenes in 2005's Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • Go horseback riding on a picturesque beach, trek steamy rainforest trails, visit rare bird sanctuaries or go snorkeling in the warm tropical waters off the Costa Rican coast.
  • In August 2009, Hayden Panettiere posed for men's magazine GQ in a bikini, although if her fans were looking for something steamy, they're going to have to wait a while.