Sentence Examples

  • Such was the first conquest of Ireland, a conquest too facile to be secure.
  • In proportion as such conversion was facile and rapid, it was probably imperfect.
  • Extremely handsome, he was a sturdy and valiant knight, affable, courteous, a brilliant talker and a facile poet.
  • A man of literary taste and culture, familiar with the classics, a facile writer of Latin verses' as well as of Ciceronian prose, he was as anxious that the Roman clergy should unite human science and literature with their theological studies as that the laity should be educated in the principles of religion; and to this end he established in Rome a kind of voluntary school board, with members both lay and clerical; and the rivalry of the schools thus founded ultimately obliged the state to include religious teaching in its curriculum.
  • Von Humboldt to refer to him as "Botanicorum facile princeps."

What's another word for facile?

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