Sentence Examples

  • In Plato (Charmides, 158 B) he is mentioned with Abaris as skilled in the arts of incantation.
  • 3515) as a goddess of healing, especially skilled to cure serpent bites by charms and the herbs of the Marsian woods.
  • The right to leave the pale is indeed granted to merchants of the first gild, to those possessed of certain educational diplomas, to veteran soldiers and to certain classes of skilled artisans.
  • The grazier buys and sells cattle much less frequently than the butcher buys them, so that the latter is naturally more skilled in estimating the weight of a beast through the use of the eye and the hand.
  • Is it possible then to obtain unanimity as to the methods of arriving at conclusions in social and political matters, so as to secure similar agreement of opinion among the specially skilled, and similar general respect for their authority¬†?

What's another word for skilled?

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