Sentence Examples

  • Century-long wars had been fought in Damian's father's time over who claimed a discovered Oracle, no matter how competent the Oracle turned out.
  • Speeding on our highways— Mr. Dean knows about that first-hand—my competent deputy arrested him for doing just that a few days ago.
  • A competent, methodical assassin, she didn't make the mistake of trying to collect from someone not on the list.
  • The term "curate" in the present day is almost exclusively used to signify a clergyman who is assistant to a rector or vicar, by whom he is employed and paid; and a clerk in deacon's orders is competent to be licensed by a bishop to the office of such assistant curate.
  • Mention may also be made of the Tribunal des Conflits, a special court whose function it is to decide which is the competent tribunal when an administration and a judicial court both claim or refuse to deal with a given case.

What's another word for competent?

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