Sentence Examples

  • We will radically improve the primitive, inefficient process that agriculture is today.
  • We apply inefficient agricultural techniques to grow and harvest them, and then we inefficiently distribute them.
  • After various parliamentary reports and some legislation by way of extension, an important act was passed in 1839 reciting that the system of police established had been found very inefficient and might be yet further improved (Metropolitan Police Act 1839).
  • If, in the face of what cannot be considered less than careless and inefficient agricultural practice, we have increased the wheat capacity of our land by 3.2 bushels per acre in so short a time, what may we not expect in the way of large acre yields before we experience the hardships of a true wheat famine?"
  • But though India has special advantages in home-grown cotton and cheap labour, the labour is so inefficient as to make competition with Europe difficult.

What's another word for inefficient?

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