Sentence Examples

  • During the next few weeks Cromwell appears to have made once more attempts to come to terms with Charles; but the king was inflexible in his refusal to part with the essential powers of the monarchy, or with the Church; and at the end of December it was resolved to bring him to trial.
  • For the characteristics of these ships and of the " Lord Nelson " and "Inflexible " see 24.897.
  • But he understood the Gospel as being primarily an assured hope and a holy law, as fear of the Judge who can cast into hell and as an inflexible rule of faith and of discipline.
  • What the Three Sermons sought to find written small within - a law of inflexible justice or righteousness - part i.
  • The three vessels lost, the' " Irresistible," " Ocean " and " Bouvet," were out of date; but of those put out of action the " Inflexible " was a modern ship, and she and another very nearly foundered before they could be got to a place of safety.

What's another word for inflexible?

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