Sentence Examples

  • The old adage that expecting mothers are eating for two is somewhat outdated; yes, pregnant women are feeding their babies as well as themselves, but a fetus doesn't have the same nutritional requirements as a full-grown adult.
  • Most are simply search-engine-optimized pages designed to funnel searchers to ad-heavy sites with a few links to outdated but admittedly free games that may or may not work on the latest version of the Palm operating system.
  • A few websites in the past have tried to aggregate all of the applications into one spot, but the task has so far proven too large to handle and where you do find these websites, they're incomplete and outdated at best.
  • The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant may provide those who qualify with up to $6,500 to spend on home energy audits, weatherproofing and the replacement of outdated appliances, among other improvements.
  • American Idol reserves the right to make changes to registration and audition times and procedures right up to the actual dates of the events, so don't let outdated information blow your chances at AI glory.