Sentence Examples

  • Getting older doesn't mean you have to be dowdy, so if you decide you don't want to wear your hair long anymore, explore the increasingly vibrant and even sassy world of short hair styles for seniors.
  • Buy your clothes in a mix of styles, including fresh misses tops and a young accessory or two, but avoid too-young or too-old pieces that are either overly flashy or plain ol' dowdy.
  • Until recently, if you were a stylish plus size woman, you had to have a suit made for you, as many of the options available to buy was most likely dowdy or unflattering or both.
  • The suit would be considered modest and perhaps even dowdy today, but it was considered as having gone a long way towards helping the Allies win the war.
  • Sure your body has changed, but a new, flattering set of pj's will transform you from feeling dowdy to feeling like the cute new mom you are.

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