Sentence Examples

  • At his death in 1786 he was succeeded by his son Charles, the notorious "Jockey of Norfolk," the big, coarse, generous, slovenly, hard-drinking Whig of whom all the memoirwriters of his age have their anecdotes.
  • The style of Cassianus is slovenly, and shows no literary polish, but its directsimplicityis far superior to the rhetorical affectations which disfigure most of the writings of that age.
  • The same cause may account for the somewhat slovenly Syriac style.
  • Large districts still clung to the old common-field system, to the old habits of ploughing with teams of four or eight, and to slovenly methods of cultivation.
  • When built in the neighbourhood of towns the nest is somewhat slovenly and untidy, being often composed of bits of dirty straw, pieces of paper and blackened moss; in one instance, near Glasgow, the author of the Birds of the West of Scotland found several postage-stamps thus employed.

What's another word for slovenly?

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