Sentence Examples

  • He disliked the uncouth style of the Scriptures.
  • The Latin is frequently as rough and uncouth as that of Lucilius.
  • Werke) in uncouth and mystical language.
  • Hitherto all Ottoman writing, even the most highly Classical finished, had been somewhat rude and uncouth; but.
  • Of later times there are Droplaug's Sons' Saga (997-1007), written probably about I i io, and preserved in the uncouth style of the original (a brother's revenge for his brother's death is the substance of it; Brandkrossa pattr is an appendix to it), and the tales of Thorstein Hall of Side's Son (c. 1014) and his brother Thidrandi (c. 996), which belong to the cycle of Hall o' Side's Saga, unhappily lost; they are weird tales of bloodshed and magic, with idyllic and pathetic episodes.